Glass Art in Cabo San Lucas😃!

Up until the time that I witnessed this in Cabo San Lucas, I had never seen glass blowing. It is magnificent artwork indeed. I have such a great appreciation for all that perform this outstanding work. I cannot even imagine doing this for a living but they do it with sheer perfection. Here is a glimpse of the process here:

It is so incredibly beautiful to see in person. The artist is so meticulously skilled at this and it really shows!

Cabo San Lucas Vibes 🤩!

Take me to Cabo any day 😃! It is such a beautiful vacation spot. If you have never visited this beautiful place, you are in for a magnificent treat. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Mexico. Here is just a short video of what you can expect:

As you can see, it is so very gorgeous🤩! You can expect views like these in addition to much more. Cabo is not only a prime vacation spot for Spring Break, but also during the heart of winter 🥶!

Sailing in Cabo San Lucas😀!

Cabo San Lucas is absolutely heaven on earth 🌍! I was so very impressed when taking this amazing tour, that I have recommended the experience to all that I see 😂. Sailing along the Sea of Cortez, took my breath away. If you are thinking of going on vacation in 2023, you will not find a better place to go. If you have followed this blog for a while, you know already that I take a bunch of cruises during the course of the year but this particular one stands out as one of the very best voyages that I have ever experienced:

Sailing the shores of Cabo😃!

Sailing ⛵️ is the best hobby that you can have. I had such an incredible time sailing along the Sea of Cortez in Cabo. Here is just a glimpse of what I experienced:

What an amazing voyage it was😃! It is by far one of the best cruises that I have ever been on. You can book this great adventure out on Trip Advisor. Along with the sailing voyage, you can also expect a scenic view of Cabo San Lucas and more coastline views. What could be better than that?

Na Pali Coast: Living on the Edge😎❤️🔥!

Hawaii is an absolute paradise 😃! Whenever I visit, I try to make the most of my visit by making sure that I book as many excursions as possible. I assume that every visit is a one time event 😂- so I book accordingly. By far, the best excursion that I have ever been on is the Na Pali Sunset Cruise 🚢. Here is just a little sample of the outstanding views that you can expect from visiting Kauai, Hawaii:

As you can see, the view is amazing 🤩. Seldom am I a lost for words, but ladies and gentlemen, I was speechless 😶. I felt as if I could not put into words what I was seeing – it was magnificent to say the least. I felt like this originally back in 2021, when I visited the Big Island of Hawaii and saw the beautiful waterfalls. Seeing the contrast of the beautiful mountains and the baby blue water, was far above and beyond anything that I had ever seen.

Travel, absolutely has the ability to make you speechless and a storyteller at the same time 😃. Of course, with the seasons changing and the weather getting colder, winter vacations are right around the corner. Snow birds 🦅 will be coming out soon, looking to fly south or to tropical 🌴 locations for the winter 😂.

I would definitely recommend this beautiful place for a winter 🥶 trip. You are sure to enjoy the relaxing, tropical views of the Hawaiian 🌺 islands😎🌴.

Journey to the Arch😃😍😎!

Some people live for an adventure and I happen to be one of those people😃! Does not matter what type of transportation that I am using to get there, I enjoy the journey. It has often been said that half the fun of getting where you are going is the journey. The journey to the Cabo San Lucas Arch was a little rocky but well worth the wait, as you can see here:

What you see in the video, is the World Famous – Cabo San Lucas Arch😎! If you have never seen it before, here it is. What a magnificent sight it is. By the way, the main way to see the Arch and all of its splendor, is by boat 🚤.

The boat that I am sailing on is a glass bottom boat that seats around 8 people. These type of boats are used a lot as you sail to various excursions around the world. I prefer these because you can see the fish swimming up to the floor of your boat 😂. It is a sight to see!

This particular voyage took me to various excursions along the way (Neptune’s Finger, Lover’s Beach 🏖 etc.) Always great when you can see so many sights all in one tour😃! I would definitely recommend taking this tour or any glass bottom tour when visiting your location of choice. I had a positive experience and I am sure that you will also. Always check the reviews first to determine if the expedition is the right one for you and your family 😃.

Cabo Sailing ⛵️- Omg 😆!

Cabo San Lucas is an absolutely gorgeous place😁! I cannot wait to go back one of these days. The views are totally next level and it will leave a wonderful impression upon you. Although I have sailed various places around the world 🌎, this particular expedition provided one of the most magnificent views that I have ever seen. Here is just a glimpse of the views that I saw on this incredible voyage:

The rock structure that you saw in the video is called, Neptune’s Finger. If it looks amazing on the video, it looks even more amazing in person 😮. I could not believe that we got as close as we did to it. It is one of the more iconic structures that you will see, sailing the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

On this voyage, I also got a chance to see the magnificent, Arc of Cabo San Lucas. That video is located on this blog, just in case you are interested in viewing it. I was completely awestruck looking at that magnificent structure. The water was particularly rough during that part of the tour, so that video has a flair of excitement and adventure.

Hope that you enjoy the video above and that you are enjoying a great weekend. Check back early and often for more travel adventures!

Cabo Sailing ⛵️into the Weekend🤩

Hope you are having a great day today 😍! The weekend is fast approaching and some of you may be experiencing the weekend already. If you have ever been to Cabo San Lucas, it is such a magnificent place! It has probably gotten a bad reputation over the years with people acting badly there but it is such a gorgeous place to go. I have only been there once but it left quite an indelible impression on me.

In addition to camel 🐫 riding , for the first time, I got a chance to sail the Sea of Cortez on one of the magnificent voyages of my life. Seeing all of the sights and sounds of Cabo, made me look forward to coming back soon. Cabo is one of the best locations that I have ever visited and for one of the reasons captured right here:

The magnificent rock structure that you saw in the video is called Neptune’s Finger and aptly so because it resembles a finger 😂. It was a beautiful day at sea on that day and I captured many other views previously in other blog posts. Please feel free to scroll this blog for other sea adventures!

Viva Los Cabos😎🌴🥂!!

Los Cabos is an absolute dream! If you have never been to Los Cabos – put it on your bucket list😃. Here is a great video of the beautiful hotel that I had the pleasure of staying in:.

The beautiful hotel seen in this video is the Hilton Los Cabos Hotel and Resort😃. One of the best hotels in Los Cabos. It was an absolute dream – you most definitely would enjoy the experience. For me, it starts with the largest hotel room that I have ever stayed in. Then, it is all about the amazing amenities and the ocean front views that will absolutely capture your heart ❤️.

If you have followed this blog for some time, I have highlighted many aspects of Mexico particularly Los Cabos! If you have not seen the previous posts, I encourage you to take a look. Most folks have heard of Cabo San Lucas, which is nearby. I actually went sailing on the Sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas.

The Hilton Los Cabos has one of the only swimmable beaches in Los Cabos, which also is an absolute plus. The waters in Los Cabos tend to be rough and choppy at times. You will enjoy countless hours hanging out at the beach 🏖.

Hope that you will consider Los Cabos/Cabo San Lucas in the future. With Spring Break approaching, this would be an excellent location to visit😃!

Come Through Today😍❤️🤩🔥

How I love staying at beautiful resorts while on vacation 😎! Absolutely nothing like it. For me, I never compromise. I am not one of those folks in which it doesn’t matter where I lay my head. If you are one of those folks, I admire your opinion- we will agree to disagree. For me, I lump where I stay, into the overall relaxation experience. Waking up to an ocean view from my window along with immaculate views of the property, is almost the best thing to heaven😂! Here is one of the best resorts that I have had the pleasure of staying at:

The video above was taken on the grounds of the beautiful Hilton Los Cabos Resort. I had such a beautiful time there and you can see why! This is why, ladies and gentlemen, we work, vacation and repeat 🔁. These views are spectacular and instantly takes you back to magnificent times when you watch the video or replay the memories in your mind.

If you have never visited the Los Cabos/Cabo San Lucas area, it is an amazing place to vacation. So much to do and so little time to do it. There are activities for the entire family. For the first time in my life, I rode a camel 🐪 in Los Cabos😳! Of all the places, but it turns out that in addition to the beaches of Cabo, there is a desert 🌵 area called Wild Canyon. This area is amazing and a must see when you visit the area.

Hope that you enjoy the video and that you will add this part of Mexico to your future vacation plans😀!