Waterfall Chaser😎!

How I love chasing waterfalls! I am on a personal mission to see as many as I possibly can. Here is one that I saw recently that I wanted to share with you: youtube.com/shorts/OQCe3I9QvOk

Such a beautiful scene😻. Hard to believe that I got this close to one. In Akaka State Park in Hawaii, there are two: Akaka Falls (this one) and Kalua Falls. They are so incredible to see in person. You will be completely blown away by the beauty!

Before going to this park, I had never seen a waterfall before other than in videos posted online. I was determined that this would be the trip that I would have this experience. I looked up the directions from my hotel room and made the trek to boldly go where I had never gone before 😂.

What I did not realize at the time is how mountainous the Big Island of Hawaii is. As I got to higher elevations, my ears were popping and the road seemed more and more winding. When I saw the “Watch out for falling rocks” signs, uh 🙄 I got a little nervous 😬.

Thankfully 😅, I did not encounter any falling rocks 🪨 along the way but I captured some unbelievable views from within the park. It was a dream come true! 😃

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