Super Bowl Vibes 🏈🙌

What an exciting game it was on last night! It is a magnificent story of how Tom Brady has been so consistent for so many years. He has played in the league for at least 20 years and has won the Super Bowl now an unprecedented 7 times. More than any other player or any other NFL franchise. He made the difference in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting to the next level and winning the Super Bowl. Great people do great things and it was awesome to be able to watch the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) win one more time.

I am definitely reminded of a time when the Super Bowl was in Texas. During that year, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were playing the Atlanta Falcons. I got a chance to visit the Super Bowl LI Fan experience which occurs during the days leading up to the Super Bowl. I have included a video below which captures some sights from that time. Enjoy!

Super Bowl LI Fan Experience