Costa Rica Vibes 😎🏖🏖🏝

Costa Rica is absolutely the island to visit 😃! The views are exceptional and will literally take your breath away. If you have never been to Costa Rica, consider this travel destination on your list. Here is just a preview of the beautiful sights that you will see on this magnificent island:

Hope that you enjoyed the beautiful views. Island vibes have a way of taking you away from the routine and mundaneness of everyday life. That is why the mantra: Work. Vacation. Repeat. 🔁 should be practiced as much as possible to ensure balance in the crazy world in which we live in.

Costa Rica is one of those places that once you visit, you will want to visit again. So much to see and to do and so very little time to do these things. If you enjoy beaches, beautiful scenery, cliffs, hiking etc. you will definitely enjoy this beautiful paradise.

The vacation is reasonably priced especially considering Hawaii, Bali, Bahamas and other more pricier islands. As always, booking ahead 2-3 months or more will make a material difference!

Check back early and often on this blog for more travel adventures! Have a great day😀.