Ocean Views for Days😎☀️🌴!

Love my share of beautiful ocean views😃! Nothing is like looking at the beautiful views of the oceans. How amazing it is – the piece and tranquility that it gives you is amazing. Vitamin Sea is always needed, early and often 😂Here are some vibes that will certainly get you going on today: youtube.com/shorts/4TkqIYR7w2Y

Such phenomenal views to say the least! I am always in awe when I look at the videos that I captured of beautiful Hawaii. If you are new to this blog, I invite you to peruse the previous blog posts and take a look at the waterfall, volcano and beach views that I have captured here. It is sure to make you smile and give you great vacation ideas.

Up until this trip, I had never been on a catamaran before. I highly recommend looking for a catamaran excursion on your next vacation😃! I heard about them in the past but had a little anxiety 😟 about being on one. Mainly because my experience on boats 🚤 have been aboard Carnival Cruises 🚢 which are ginormous. The smaller boats seemed too small!

Hope that you enjoy the video above and that you will make your plans to visit Hawaii in the future 😃!

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