Acrobat Vibes – OMG ðŸ˜ą

Every time I view an acrobatic performance, I always marvel at how the circus performers do what they do with such excellence and with nerves of steel. I have included a link to one of those amazing performances here:

I wonder how many hours, days and months it takes to perfect this. Every step has to have razor thin precision in order for the stunt to be performed successfully without injury. The video above, is a perfect example of that razor thin precision that is necessary to perform the stunt with excellence.

This awesome performance was executed at the UniverSoul Circus. There were so many stunts performed on that night but performances done by these acrobats will forever stick out in my mind. My heart seemed to be pounding out of my chest each time a stunt was executed. It was almost as if I was performing the stunt myself 😂

As always, I hope that you enjoy the video and that you will also check back for additional exciting content posted out here on my blog. Have a great day 😃🙌!

Girl on Fire ðŸ”Ĩ- Acrobat Circus Vibes!

I love going to the circus ðŸĪĄ! Something about being under the big top that makes you feel like a kid again. I recently visited the UniverSoul Circus and what a great time that I had. The trapeze artist and acrobats were unbelievable. Check out this video ðŸ˜ą- I was holding my breath every step of the way:

I still get some chills looking at this.😀 It really shows just how talented these circus artists are. Do not think that I could ever do this but I am so thankful that there are folks that can. Makes you wonder the amount of time that it must have taken in order to practice this over and over again.

If you ever get a chance to see the UniverSoul Circus (or any circus for that matter) in person, please do so. It is so much fun for every member of the family. 😃

UniverSoul Circus Vibes 😜ðŸĪŠ

I had an opportunity late last year to visit the UniverSoul Circus and what a a great time it was. Could not believe the amazing time that I experiencing the sights and sounds of this beautiful circus ðŸĪĄ! It was an excellent time and so much fun!

Of course since we were in the middle of a pandemic 😷, all Covid protocols were followed. It was just fun to be out and about and to see people, like the good old days. How this is so missed. The performances were so very good. It included high wire acts, motorcycle stunts, beautiful performing animals and death defying stunts.

Even the wonderful clowns ðŸĪĄ were such a great source of entertainment. They kept the crowd very entertained and provided a lot of fun for the socially distanced, small crowd that was there.

Attached is a video from their great show. If ever you get an opportunity to see the UniverSoul Circus ðŸĪĄ, please do not hesitate. Have a great day! 😀

Clowning around at the circus ðŸĪĄ

Hanging out on the first Friday of 2021! 😜🙌👍

As you travel to different parts of the country, you see a lot of things and you have many experiences, One such experience, was the UniverSoul Circus! What an outstanding experience it was! Thoroughly enjoyed my time there under the BigTop! So much to see and so much fun also! ðŸĪĐ

The talent there was second to none and the stunts were breathtaking. They seemed to have it all, trapeze artists, motorcycle stunts, dancing dogs etc. I was completely blown away by the shows and left with an experience that I would never forget! 😀

If you get a chance to see the UniverSoul Circus in person or online, please do so, you will not regret it. I have included a video below that gives a glimpse of said experience!

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