UniverSoul Circus Vibes

There is absolutely nothing like going to the circus😃. In fact – going to a circus, immediately takes me back to childhood memories of being so excited to go and looking forward to the great experience. If you have never been to a circus before, here is absolutely what you can expect:youtube.com/shorts/JOe-p4Nc1h4

You will definitely see death defying acts such as the one above and you will have fun overall. The most famous circus that I can remember hearing about on television as a kid, was Ringling Brothers- Barnum and Bailey Circus 🤡. Present day, this circus is no longer around but we have others that you can visit, such as UniverSoul Circus, which is previewed up above.

I must admit, that prior to seeing this show, I had never been to a UniverSoul Circus before. It wasn’t, to me, as well known as Ringling Brothers but I was willing to give it a try. Boy, was I impressed😃! The experience left me wanting for more. Could not believe the fun that I had that day!

I encourage you to visit a UniverSoul Circus, some time in the near future. You will have an incredible time and I look forward to hearing about it!

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