Waterfall Wednesday😎🌺❤️❤️!

Chasing waterfalls is a passion of mine 😂! I saw my first waterfall and I have been hooked on waterfalls ever since. In fact, this video shows the first waterfall (Kahuna Falls) that I have ever hiked to and it is a beauty: youtube.com/shorts/Osa-p5p4fA0

Hope that you enjoyed the video😃! As you can tell from the video, it was not a very sunny day 😂. Actually it was raining 🌧 a lot on that day, so it was a wet hike to Kahuna Falls. Thankfully the hike wasn’t very far. I parked on the outside of the park, paid the fee and entered the park. The place where this waterfall is located is called the Akaka State Park located in Hilo, Hawaii.

Hilo is located on the Big Island 🏝 of Hawaii. From my hotel 🏨, it took about an hour and 30 minutes 😀to get to Akaka Falls State Park. It was so well worth the drive😃! It was such an incredible experience and certainly one that I definitely recommend to any tourist visiting the island.

If you love waterfalls and would love to see one on an excursion, I suggest seeking out waterfalls that may be close to where you live, or take a trip, like I did, to see one for yourself 😎. I am a believer of exploring the world 🌎 and all of its beauty. Waterfalls are certainly unlike anything else on earth 🌍!

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