Slow Ride – Aloha Style😍❤️❤️!

Nothing like a great scenic views😍! My preferred mode of travel is an airplane but nothing quite beats a scenic drive. It has often been said that half the fun of travel is the journey to get there. That wholeheartedly applies to this great drive that I was able to capture:

This video was taken on the way down from Waimea Canyon in Hawaii. As you can tell from the video – the views are just incredible😊! I don’t think that I have seen such scenic views before traveling here. I have previously shared, on earlier blog posts, the wonderful sights from Waimea Canyon. Never before have I shared such picturesque sky views from the journey.

Travel certainly opens your heart and broadens your mind. At the time that this video was captured, this was the final day of the vacation, so my trip to Kauai was winding down. The sky provided one last beautiful moment to add to the other beautiful moments that were captured during my stay.

Hope that this video will provide an uplift to you on today😀! Feel free to check back early and often for other blog posts, as I continue to travel the world 🌎.

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