Beautiful View from Here😍❤️❤️!

Waimea Canyon is such a beautiful place😀. If you have never been, do yourself a favor and go 😂! Trust me, you will definitely enjoy it. Here is a beautiful view that I captured:

Isn’t it just lovely 😊? It was such a magnificent experience. On that particular day, thankfully, the park was not packed. Matter of fact, the only people in the park, are the people in the video 😂. What you are seeing in the video is the lookout deck for Waimea Canyon. As you might guess, this is an excellent place to not only see the canyon but also to take lots of pictures and videos!

I was just impressed with how massive the canyon is. It is an absolute beauty with all of the colors that you see. For the truly adventurous, there are hiking trails that you can hike on. I did try to hike for a mile or so, downhill. That wasn’t too bad until I had to hike back uphill to get back to my car 🚗 😂!

Hope you will consider a visit to Waimea Canyon in the near future. It is a fun place to take the family or to venture by yourself 😊.

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