Paradise Found – Amazing 😻 ❀️πŸ”₯!

Beaches are perhaps the best way to relax there is😎! Hearing the sound of the ocean 🌊 sets you instantly at peace. Something about that sky above and sand beneath that gives you wonderful peace within. Here is a short clip from my experience:

The sea was a beautiful shade of blue on that day and I was so blessed to be thereπŸ˜„! After weeks of working, it was just what the doctor ordered. Heaven is not found on earth 🌍, but I believe that there are pieces of heaven here on earth πŸ˜‚.

The place captured in the video is called Spouting Horn Park. You may wonder,why is it called Spouting Horn? Well, I will share a future video that shows why. Essentially spouting water comes from the rocks nearby. You may want to Google the legend of the Spouting Horn 😊, it is so very interesting 🧐.

Hope that you are enjoying the first day of JuneπŸ˜„! Stay tuned for the video of the Spouting Horn in a future post😊

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