Bad Guy Vibes-Hawaii Style🌺😎!

Nothing like a great performance😃! Especially when it involves fire 🔥. I did not know that I was a fan of fire shows until I saw my first fire show in Hawaii. If you have never been to one of these shows, do yourself a favor and sign up for one. I was very fortunate to have this performance at the hotel that I was staying in. Here is just a glimpse of that performance:

This guy is just talented😃! I shudder to think how many times he might have gotten burned doing this 😂 but he has perfected his trade 😃. The name of the fire show is called the Ahi Uila Fire Show and it can be booked from the Hilton Garden Inn in Kauai. Hawaii.

I really had an awesome time😃. This was so much of a great, rich experience 😃. Turns out that these type of shows are a part of the luau experience and is heavily integrated into the Hawaiian 🌺 culture.

If you would like to see more of this phenomenal fire show, I have additional blog posts and videos that I have recently posted. If you enjoy this one, you will surely enjoy the other blog posts as well.

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