Living My Best Life😎🌺⛵️⛵️!

Living my best life is always the goal ! Traveling to exciting places and seeing a whole new world 🌎, makes living life worthwhile 😀. After visiting one location, I look forward to visiting another, soon thereafter! Here is just a glimpse of the fun that I had:

As you can tell, these families were having a total blast 💥! I was enjoying all of the whale 🐳 and dolphin 🐬 watching. This was a cruise of a lifetime. I have never been on a more exciting cruise 🚢 in my life.

This is the first time I had been on a whale and dolphin watching cruise. It was just totally amazing 🤩! I have been on many cruises before (check out my blog to see more) 😂, but this cruise 🚢 was absolutely superb.

Kauai can be characterized as just superb also 😀. Trust me, if you visit this beautiful location, you will not want to go home 😂. I wanted to become a resident after visiting for less than a week. It is such an easy going place, the main highway has a speed limit of 25 miles per hour 😂. Cannot get any more easy going than that!

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