All Aboard to Adventure😃🔥❤️❤️!

Cruising always for a great time 😃! All aboard to great adventures always 😃! Here is a video that I captured of a cruise ship preparing to set sail:

I could feel the excitement in the air as I walked by! I had just disembarked my sunset cruise 🚢 of the Na Pali Coast when I walked past this ship. When you decide to go on a cruise in Hawaii, you will see incredibly awesome views! These views will take your breath away and you will be left speechless 😶.

Those folks was in for an incredible time. I almost wanted to shout that out to them as I was headed back to my car 😂. Figured that they would find that out very soon 😂.

If you would like to see a few of the views that I captured while sailing ⛵️ the Na Pali Coast, feel free to peruse my blog where you will see incredible views while I was out at sea 🌊. Would definitely do this cruise again and look forward to setting sail again in the near future.

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