Just Cruising-Hawaii Style😎🌴🌴🌊!

Nothing like cruising on a catamaran- soaking in all of nature’s beautiful views😎! The more exotic the location, the more impressive the views are. If you have followed this blog for some time, you realize that cruising is one of my favorite pass times πŸ˜‚. By far, this has been one of the best cruises that I have ever taken: youtube.com/shorts/bd7PHD-f9cE

This video is so incredible 😍! I enjoyed this whole experience to the fullest. The experience was one that I will never forget. Hope that you enjoy it and that you will book this excursion should you ever vacation in Kauai.

After having visited the Big Island of Hawaii on last year, I was thoroughly impressed! As I am writing this blog post now, I am still impressed. The combination of waterfalls, beaches, mountains (skiing takes place there – unbelievable) and the only active volcano on the Hawaiian 🌺 islands (Kilauea), is hard to beat on any island.

Kauai blew all of my expectations out of the water πŸ’¦. It was such a relaxing trip and the views are second to none 🀩! The otherworldly views are like none that I have ever seen. It is no wonder that Jurassic Park movies were filmed here. I feel like I need to watch each of them again to see all the beautiful scenery that I can now name after seeing the island on vacation.

Hope that you will make your plans to visit Kauai in the near future and that you will visit this blog, early and often, for more travel adventures😎!

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