Cruising the Na Pali Sea😎⛵️🌴!

How I absolutely love cruising😃! There is nothing like being out in the water and just hearing the beautiful sound of the waves. It is so much of a freeing feeling – takes you away from the day to day routine which shackles us all at times. I saw some of the most magnificent views that I have ever seen during my trip to Kauai. They are truly incredible:

Absolutely breathtaking views along the Na Pali Coast in Hanalei. This Na Pail Subset Cruise was booked on Trip Advisor and ladies and gentlemen, it was worth the price of admission. I guarantee you, the views that you will see onboard are just jaw dropping 😆.

I have seen beauty in many forms as I have traveled, I was left speechless to describe what I was seeing as we sailed along the Na Pail Sea 🌊. It was almost otherworldly views to me as I took the tour. If the views were not enough, we encountered whales and dolphins, which I had never experienced before. Toward the end of the tour, the crew provides a delicious dinner – the perfect end to a wonderful day at sea.

I highly recommend this tour! You will thoroughly enjoy seeing all the beauty that the Na Pali Coast has to offer 😃.

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