Hawaii Kind of Feeling😎 ☀️ 🏝

Number 1 destination on my bucket list since I was a kid was Hawaii. It did not matter which island it was, although I had heard so much about Maui, I just wanted to go. I was hopeful to someday have the opportunity to finally get there. Here is a short video of a few of the experiences that I had: youtube.com/shorts/eudThW6iJqY

This particular island is Kona aka “The Big Island”. I am hear to tell you, it is aptly named 😂. It is totally ginormous with everything that you wanted to see and more. This island, has the only active volcano 🌋 (Kilauea), in addition to beaches, mountains and waterfalls (oh my).

I know what you are thinking 🤔, all in one place? Yes indeed – and if I had not visited there for myself and saw all of these absolute wonders, I would not have believed it either. It is a place that would be in a dream, but in fact, it is very real and available to visit in reality for vacation.

Prior to vacationing in Hawaii, I was told by another traveler that there was no place quite like Hawaii, in the USA and perhaps, the world 🌎. I was so skeptical 🤨 and figured that I would reserve judgment until I visited. The Big Island 🏝 took my breath away, and you will enjoy all of the beauty and experiences also!

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