Sailing ⛵️ the Cabo Seas!🤩

Sailing is such a wonderful experience! 😃Absolutely one of my favorite forms of transportation. You probably could have guessed that from all of the cruise videos that I have posted out on this blog. It is not just the art of sailing that fascinates, but when you couple that with a beautiful location, you get one of my best sails, which is captured here:

Seeing this video instantly takes me back to the roller coaster of emotions that I was experiencing at the time. It was joy, excitement and fear. Enough to make your heart ❤️ skip a beat 😂. I had never been on a glass bottom boat tour before but I will absolutely do it again in the future!

Cabo San Lucas is such a beautiful location to go on a boat tour. It has so many different places to visit: The Arch, Lovers Beach, Divorce Beach etc. If you take a look at previous posts in my blog, you will see all of the sights that I captured on this very epic tour!

Hope that you have a great day and an amazing week😃!

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