For Infinity and Beyond 🤩

Lovely views are made to be shared😃! I appreciate every time that I have the opportunity to travel and see views that I have never seen before. Most trips that I have taken within the last few years, have been to tropical 🌴 locations. These trips have provided picture perfect views like this one:

It is so very lovely to be able to see this first hand. The beautiful colors of the rocks with the contrast of the beautiful water is just heavenly. Absolutely love travel from infinity and beyond 😂. This breathtaking view is courtesy of Kona, Hawaii – which I had the pleasure of visiting.

Nothing quite like waking up in a place that you have never been. Since I am more of a morning person, I particularly love the early morning sunrises and the beautiful walks along the ocean shore. I truly believe that these early morning moments provide the start to a calm, still, peaceful day😃.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed the video above and that you visit this blog, early and often, for new travel adventures!

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