24k Cruise Views from Carnival🤩🙌😎

Totally love cruise vibes and great music 😃. Nothing else like it. I am reminded of good times and great vibes onboard a cruise to the Western Caribbean. Wanted to share these views, they were incredible: youtube.com/shorts/0gweasHuMrQ

This view is from the Lido Deck onboard the Carnival Cruise Ship🚢. Back in pre-pandemic times, this is what the atmosphere looked like. During the time we currently live in, it looks too crowded but certainly hard to believe that this was normal at one time.

To be completely honest, I would like to sail again when the times captured in the video return. No doubt, the industry is doing all that it can to keep people safe now, but pre-pandemic times, in my opinion, provided the most fun because you could interact with the most people.

Hopefully those times will return soon but in the meantime, there are other adventures to explore. Definitely encourage everyone to works, vacation and repeat, especially during the holidays. Does not matter where you go, just go 😂. You owe it to yourself for all of the hard work during the course of the year!

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