Daily Dose of Vitamin Sea 🌊 😎!

Vitamin Sea helps me be me!πŸ˜€Nothing else like it for sure. If you cannot be near it 24/7, memories of being near the ocean adequately suffices πŸ˜‚. Here is a video of cruising near the coast of the Big Island 🏝 of Hawaii: youtube.com/shorts/026Ud8YYfF4

That water is a perfect color of blue. It is so very inviting. There are times that I wish I can teleport to different parts of the world 🌎. Maybe this technology will exist one of these days but in the meantime, imagination will do.

This particular video was captured in the downtown area of the Big Island. Down in this area of town is where the Iron Man Competition is held. Competitors also train in this area of town. Pretty cool huh πŸ€”?

As you can see, this was a picture perfect day to be out and about. I was living out a childhood dream that I had so many years ago to set foot on the island of Hawaii. I was certainly not disappointed and I look forward to visiting more Hawaiian Islands as I continue my travels.

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