Easy Vibes for the Weekend😃!

Happy weekend to you! Made it through another week to see a magnificent day. I wanted to share a magnificent day that I had on a black sand beach in Hawaii called Punalu’u beach. If you have never seen a black sand beach before or even if you have, take a look at this beautiful one: youtube.com/shorts/CTDX2HnDhlk

Before visiting on this day, I had never seen a black sand beach. I had heard about them but have never set foot on one. As you can see, it is very beautiful 😻. Furthermore, the sand is so cool to touch unlike white sand beaches which tend to be hot as the temperature rises outside.

This particular day was not sunny but overcast. This turned out to be the calm before the storm because within a few minutes, the rain 🌧 poured down in buckets 😂. I had actually planned on visiting Mount Kilauea, about 40 minutes away, but due to the rainstorm, I decided to head back to the hotel.

I look forward to visiting this beautiful , beach again in the future but until then I will hang on to these magnificent memories. Hope that you enjoy the video! 😀

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