Lovely Views from Costa Maya🤩!

Before going on a Carnival Cruise to Costa Maya, I had never heard of Costa Maya 😂. I heard of Cabo, Cozumel, Cancun etc. but never Costa Maya. I am so glad that I visited this beautiful place. The video that I am about to share was captured on the deck of a Carnival Cruise before I was about to disembark the ship to go onshore:

From this video, you can clearly see how colossal cruise ships really are. They are massive 😃! You are looking at a Royal Caribbean cruise liner🚢 and a much smaller boat. This still wows me that these ginormous cruise ships are able to float on the water. Seems like with the phenomenal weight of the ship, it should not be able to do so.

The water is such a perfect shade of blue😃. I have not seen such blue water 💦 in my previous travels. Almost want to dive in for a swim 🏊‍♀️.

As part of my excursion in Costa Maya, I visited the Lost Mayan Kingdom Water Park. This was such a cool place to visit. I will share more videos that I captured while in the park in later posts. It is an absolute must see for sure. If your travels include a visit to Costa Maya, it is well worth a visit!

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