Cover me in Sunshine🌞

Happy New Week to all 😊! Hope that you had a wonderful October and that your November will be equally enjoyable. One thing about tropical locations, they are rarely affected by the seasons. They are covered in sunshine, year round. If you are a lover of sunshine and tropical 🏖locations, you will definitely appreciate this beautiful video:

Wonderful beach vibes for sure. I have always envisioned retirement from a coastline like this. Being covered in sunshine in a tropical location such as Cozumel, would certainly make life so enjoyable 😀.

In the above video, you are seeing the view from my beach chair. I remember the feeling of the wind blowing and the sounds of children and adults enjoying this beautiful day. Nothing else like getting sun and having fun at the beach 🏖.

In all of my travels, I have never come across a beach that I did not like. They are always beautiful and always provide much needed calm and relaxation. Something about the sky above and the sand beneath that gives you peace within 😀🙌!

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