Hello October and TGIF🤩!

Hello October😊 and Happy Friday to all. We are quickly rushing into the last quarter of the year and before you know it, 2022 will be here. In order to celebrate this, I want to share the party vibes (Pre-Covid) that I vividly remember from my last Carnival Cruise: youtube.com/shorts/MI5bseTBf0U Hope that you enjoy 😊!

These were the good old days for sure and I definitely miss them. The good news is that these times will return, we will experience them again! There are seasons in life that are experienced. They seem forever at the time but they come and go.

This particular video was recorded during dinner time on the cruise. This dance party happens on every Carnival Cruise. Most definitely, it looks different nowadays but it is fun nonetheless. The kids dancing 💃 🕺🏾in the video is what makes this video most enjoyable! I smile every time I view it.

Let the good times roll😃 Happy Friday and Happy October 🎉🎉🎉

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